After 4 years of the Coffin Dodgers Disco, a place where the old (well…over 28s), could dance the night away to tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s (with maybe one or two 00s) and where the youth were most definitely banned, founders Don & Reg are passing the mantle over to the next generation – Donny & Reggie, and the popular club night is morphing in to Age Against the Machine.

Same rules apply – if you’re under 28 you ain’t coming in, if you’re over 65 you get in for free and the playlist will be along the same lines: pop, indie, disco, rock n roll, ska, soul, rock, funk, alt, power ballads and northern soul. 

Promoter Carl Hill, the ageless face (thanks to half a bottle of Oil of Olay a day) behind the characters of Don and Donny has this to say on it, ‘Coffin Dodgers Disco was launched with no expectations and went on to be become quite the hit. It’s still going strong but we’ve decided to open it up a bit, as strong as Coffin Dodgers was it did place a bit of straight jacket on us at times, so from being The Jam, we’ve now become the Style Council (expect saucy homo-erotic videos, filmed on a punt coming soon). Other that that and a slight tweak to the music, it’s business as usual and our usual making sure no kids slip in to spoil our night!”.

Bring your photo ID to prove your entitlement.

Need to Know:

Age Against The Machine

Launches Friday 1st Sept and every first Friday of the month

The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, W1 


Price: Adv £7 plus booking fee. Door £8

Tickets/ Info: