A 57 year old woman is still in hospital following an incident last week when a concrete block was dropped from an overpass bridge onto her car. She suffered severe rib and facial injuries.

It was feared that there would be a repeat or copycat of last week’s potentially fatal incident when fearful drivers made reports to police once again. A spokesman for the police said “This was not a malicious report. It was genuine and we would encourage such calls to our control room.

“We are sorry for the disruption we caused to the many motorists, but they and the surrounding communities understand that road safety is of paramount importance, as is catching the perpetrators behind these attacks.” he continued.

There have been more than 30 similar incidents in the last few years which police forensics teams are investigating to find a potentially re-offending suspect.

“The public response has so far been fantastic in terms of our house-to-house inquiries as well as people calling us with information.” said DCI Keith Davies, a senior investigating officer.

“However, we still have not yet identified the perpetrators behind these attacks so continue to encourage people to come forward. The investigation is taking shape and we’re now piecing together the detail that is being gathered.

Last week’s incidents are being treated as attempted murder by the police.