The incidents occurred at Kiwanis Park in Port Charlotte, Fla. a well known area for sexual soliciting amongst the homosexual community.

66-year-old Michael Lawrence McGrael and 62-year-old Alfred Carreira were arrested a day after each other, after both men separately approached undercover officers who were conducting a sex sting operation in the park. 

According to press releases from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office which are quoted in the Huffington Post, Mr. Lawrence approached an undercover policeman and made “casual conversation” before attempting to lure the officer into a more ‘secluded’ area of the park. It was then that the 66-year-old began apparently talking to the officer of a “particular type of sexual arousal,” before making a grab at the cop’s wedding tackle.

McGrael was arrested, pleaded guilty to battery charges and was sentenced to 10 days jail and a six month suspended sentence.

The following day Mr. Carreira apparently approached an undercover policeman in the same park, asking the cop if he wanted to engage in some oral sex. When the police replied that he ‘wasn’t sure’, Mr. Carreira then led him into a (possibly the same spot as McGrael) secluded area of the park where he also gave the undercover policeman a swift grope.

Carreira was also arrested for battery and is likely to face the same penalty as his slightly older counterpart in Michael McGrael.

This just goes to show that if you’re looking to cop a feel it pays to make sure before hand that you’re not feeling a cop.

Image: Sentinel Sun