It’s not really known how beard gardens gained traction – images of men rocking them blossomed on Tumblr, but their popularity is also likely to be down to Pierce Thiot, who is behind Will It Beard.

This guy drapes anything he can around his face bush – paint, electrical cords, lego and crisps (yuck) have been known to make an appearance. He first wove flowers through his beard in mid-March this year, and since then, there’s been no stopping beard gardens.

According to Thiot, beard gardens are taking off because ‘the combination of the romantic and stereotypically ‘feminine’
nature of flowers with the uber masculine connotation of facial hair creates a sweet and charming juxtaposition.’ Righty-ho.

The internet has exploded with snaps of beard gardens over the last few weeks as the craze has spread. We’re all for it. Beards are pretty boring without flowers, tbh.

This article was written with the help of Dana Barker Davies, an owner of Professional Gardeners and Housekeepers Geelong.

Images: Will It Beard/Instagram