A court order is directing travellers at the Dale Farm site in Essex to clear all barricades blocking the site.

Basildon Council was due to evict residents from the UK's largest illegal site on Monday, but the travellers won an injunction to prevent clearance of the 51 unauthorised plots until Friday.

In anticipation of the council's enforced clearance, travellers and activists had erected barriers from bricks and barbed wire to keep the authorities out.

High Court injunction halts eviction of Dale Farm travellers

Clashes expected over Dale Farm travellers eviction

Following the new court order, the travellers have said they will move barricades to allow families and their trailers back in, but will continue to oppose entry by bailiffs, according to the Press Association.

It is also being reported that travellers who have vacated the Dale Farm site are setting up home just 55 miles away in Luton.

The new illegal site in Stockwood Park boasts 100 hectares of land. People living nearby are apparently angry that the police and the local council have not responded more quickly to the influx of travellers.

Meanwhile, Basildon Council has revealed its intention to begin clearing the Dale Farm site as soon as possible if it succeeds in overturning the injunction on Friday.

Basildon Council and the Dale Farm residents have been at loggerheads over the site for a decade.