Prime Minister David Cameron caused an uproar when he told Angela Eagle, Shadow Treasury Chief secretary, to “calm down, dear” during prime minister’s questions.

Cameron made the remarks durin a heated exchange with Eagle over hospital waiting lists.

When Eagle reportedly objected to Cameron’s assertion that the former Labour MP Howard Stoate supports the government’s NHS reforms Cameron let fly saying:

“Calm down dear, calm down, calm down. Listen to the doctor. Calm down and listen to the doctor.”

Labour’s official spokesman branded his remarks as “sexist, insulting and patronising” while the party called for him to apologise.

Watch David Cameron telling Angela Eagle to “calm down dear”.


Eagle meanwhile seemed unfazed by the Prime Minister’s remark and more concerned with the economy telling the BBC News: “I don’t think any modern man would have expressed himself in that way.“

“The prime minister is responsible for what he says in the Commons. I think if there is an apology to make it should be for the dreadful growth figures we have seen today, which demonstrated that the economy has effectively flatlined for six months.”

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