If the idea of seeing a potential partner lycra clad and sweating profusely leaves you more ‘OMG’ than ‘Ommm’ then at first glance Yoga Pub Dating might not be for you.

But just hold on a Downward Dog second. In the spirit of yoga, take a deep breath, and leave your judgements to the side for a moment. Then invite the idea that, quirky as it sounds, Yoga Pub Dating might even be a better way to get to know someone new than a conventional dinner-and-a-movie date.

Dating site DoingSomething.co.uk has teamed up with singles yoga expert Richard Brook to launch weekly singles night Yoga Pub Dating, taking place every Monday, starting November 11, at The Proud Archivist in Dalston (theproudarchivist.co.uk).

Yogis work in pairs, swapping partners throughout so you get the chance to get bendy with every member of the opposite sex, then you retire to a pub for a tipple of your fancy to discuss who had the best Sun Salutation. 

To book your place go to doingsomething.co.uk/yogadating

TNT readers can get a trial month’s subscription to DoingSomething.co.uk for £12 (normally £29). Use the code:  trial12