Chris Reynold was pretty chuffed when he got his email statement for June that showed a balance of $92,233,720,268,547,800.

When he logged into his account, however, it was all gone.

Speaking to CNN he said: “It’s a curious thing. I don’t know, maybe someone was having fun.”

PayPal has since admitted to the mistake and offered to donate an undisclosed amount to a charity of Chris’ choice by means of apology.

In a statement, PayPal said: “This is obviously an error and we appreciate that Mr Reynolds understood this was the case.”

This begs the question of how exactly the amount came to appear on Chris’ statement. Perhaps someone tried to type $0 using their bum, or maybe a cat walked across the keyboard while chasing a mouse through the PayPal office.

Chris apparently would have used the money to pay off the national debt. Sure you would.

Image: Getty