THE SCENE Stepping into The Four Quarters, I felt like I’d stumbled into a teenage boy’s wet dream. With classic arcade games from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, nostalgia rules here, with Street Fighter II, Tron and Point Blank dotting the room, and retro movie posters blu-tacked to walls. Punters (male and female) hammer away at buttons and levers, turning the air blue with their frustration. Other than that, it’s all very stripped back, with ’70s-style tiles, beige walls and scuffed floors, which all adds to its retro teenage vibe. We stock up on coins (it’s £1 for four quarters from the bar, with one quarter per play) and while away a good two hours, although we’re still nowhere near the top scores listed on the oversized blackboard. Luckily it’s not all ‘young fun’, with beer kegs doubling up as tables and a glowing range of spirits behind the bar. With the thoughtful addition of custom drink holders to the sides of machines, you can sip while you play too.

BEHIND THE BAR While craft beers rule the roost, the house wine kept us ticking over nicely too. They also reassure us that cocktails will be on their way soon. 

THE GRUB The kitchen isn’t yet fully functional, but the bar is trialling some nibbles on the odd weekend, including Vietnamese food and good-old American grease. 

BILL PLEASE Draft beers and wine from £4. verdict A haven for grown-up gamers – both ardent nerds and eager part-timers – on the look-out for a spot of after-work or weekend escapism. 

187 Rye Lane, Peckham. Tube: Peckham Rye