As football fever spreads across Europe, easyJet has announced it will be keeping passengers updated with the latest scores of key Euro 2016 games while they fly.

Passengers and crew will be able to receive the latest scores directly from the airline’s Operations Control Centre at its Luton Head Office base during their flights.

The airline has seen an increase in demand from customers for flights to and from French cities hosting European Championship games as football fans travel to matches from all across Europe. 

The scores will be relayed via Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) messages – the only way to communicate with easyJet’s aircraft flying at 38,000 feet, to airborne aircraft which can then be announced by the crew to passengers who wish to know.

For those who wish to catch up with the action after they land and don’t want to know the score there will be a pre ‘Match of the Day’ style spoiler alert ahead of any announcement. So whether ever-expectant England fans who’ve been waiting patiently for 50 years to end the trophy drought or the expectant Spanish attempting to retain it, participating pilots will be able to make announcements following  final whistles of key games.

Based on previous years trends, easyJet holidays is also readying itself for demand hotspots in the hours immediately after teams are eliminated from the competition as fans console themselves by getting away on holiday. Early indications suggest that this need will be greatest felt across the host country, France.