Currently the budget airline runs a free-for-all for boarding passengers, but it is to trial options for reserving seats – £12 for seats with extra leg room in the front row and exit rows, £8 for those in the front few rows, and £3 for any others.

EasyJet will continue to offer its ‘speedy boarding’ option, for between £4.50 and £14 per flight.

The airline is not the only one to hit up passengers with these stealth charges.

Ryanair passengers must pay £10 to reserve a seat, and the airline also has a ‘priority boarding fee’ of £5 per person per flight.

British Airways also has a reservation option, costing between £10 and £60, but only for passengers who choose a seat up to 25 hours before the flight.

Easyjet will roll out a trial on its new charge on flights between Luton and Sharm el Sheikh, Malaga and Alicante, and Istanbul and Glasgow, from next month.

A spokesman said: “Passenger research shows that the current boarding process can be a source of stress for many passengers, and in some cases puts people off flying with easyJet altogether.”

He added the airline was ‘trying to do all it can to make travel easy and affordable’.