There’s a lot of international cuisine that’s done very well in Holland, particularly Indonesian and Surinamese thanks to former Dutch colonies in those parts of the world. Try some of the following if you want to get stuck into something more local.

Fries with mayonnaise

Served in a cone with lashings of mayo, this is typical Dutch fast food that is readily available throughout Holland.


Hot little croquette balls filled with paste-like meat, deep fried and served with mustard.


A nation famous for Cheese, well-known varieties include Gouda and Edam.


Mussels are a popular dish, cooked with white wine and served with fries while herring is a national favourite when it comes to fish.


Sweet of savoury, the Dutch love their pancakes. Poffertjes are a mini-variety that are covered in sugar.


Home to some of the most famous breweries in the world, Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch, drinking beer is a must when visiting the Netherlands.


The tap water is drinkable in Holland.