We’re not finished: Then he got into trouble for saying that one of his candidates had “sex appeal: and that calls for gay marriage are “the fashion of the moment”.

After a week of gaffes Abbott was probably looking forward to the respite of an on-air conversation with, by most people’s standards, political lightweight, pop star Katy Perry.

In a sometimes bewildering conversation that took place on the Kyle and Jackie O show, Perry revealed that she loves Tony Abbott “as a human being”; a handy get out clause that reduces human’s most powerful positive emotion to a generic platitude.

Abbott, in his most toe curlingly cloying form, lavished praise on the American songstress before asking Perry when she would be returning to Australia

Perry though was keen to talk policy, retorting: “that’s not a political question, let’s talk about gay marriage.”

The presenters made clear to Perry the Liberal leader’s position on the issue to which she replied: “I can’t give you my vote then.”

Things took an even more perplexing turn when Abbott then claimed Perry’s hit Hot and Cold could be his campaign song.

The Guardian have helpfully done a full line-by-line analysis of the pop ditty relative to Abbott’s campaign.

Check out the interview below: