We’ve understood (but don’t really accept) your excuses so far about skipping exercise, and have been polite to point out that you may have added a few extra kgs over the winter. But no more.

New kids on the gym block, PureGym, are now offering fast classes – shorter, more intense, sessions that last between 15-20 minutes – ideal for people pushed for time or who fancy trying a class but don’t want to do, or don’t have the space for, a full hour.

You can choose from zumba, yoga, pilates, yogalates, step and tone, cardiovasular, rowing, abs, bum and tum, aerobics, salsa, dance, boxercise – really, there’s something to target that ‘problem area’ for everyone. Price vary.

PureGym is awesome: it’s open 24 hours a day and has stripped away unnecessary saunas, cafe bars & fluffy towels, replacing them with functional training zones featuring kettle bells, vibration platforms and suspension trainers.

No excuses anymore, ya big fatty.

Address: Canterbury Court, SW9 6DE


Tube: Oval