Chris Bracey was the designer and genius-mind behind the neon designs and signs that Soho was famed for, the bars, sex shops and seedy tucked-aways of the capital’s notorious central district. Borrowed from Bracey’s own gallery of work, God’s Own Junkyard, this exhibition – which closes this weekend and is totes free – brings together a selection of his work in the very district they were born in. 

A look back to Soho’s seedier past and a celebration of Bracey’s work, which has since been featured in films such as Ridley Scott’s neon and rain drenched Blade Runner and Staley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, it is a stunning show that, as one sign in particular demonstrates, shows ‘what can be done with light.’ 

When: To Jan 18 / Daily
Where: Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer Street, W1F 0RX
Cost: Free
Tube: Leicester Square