Most people will probably know Noel Fielding as the purveyor of many a fine cape, his kooky off the wall team captaining on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, as well a one half of the creative minds behind the weirdly wonderful The Mighty Boosh.

But as well as being thee things, and a DJ, all round funnyman and trendy person, he is also a pretty talented artist as this exhibition of some of his work, He  Wore Dreams Around Unkind Faces, demonstrates.

Jeez we do love him, but are also slightly envious of his exceptional talented bugger status. 

When: Mar 7, 14 & 15 / 10am-1pm; entry for those attending a live concert Mar 7-17
Where: Royal Albert Hall, SW7 2AP
Cost: Free
Tube: South Kensington