Eden is collaborating with Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, WA, to recreate the habitats of the south west of the state.

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The new garden within a garden at Eden will have three sections. This first is Jarrah forest on the sloped beds, telling the story of the critical role of fire in maintaining habitat, and plant adaptations related to fire.

A central bed will showcase ‘wow’ plants such as wax flowers, everlastings and a collection of kangaroo paws.

The third section will be Kwongan, including iconic endemic plants such as Chamelaucium, Grevilleas, Banksias, Acacias, Eucalyptus and Calothamnus. This represents an area of impoverished soil with the lowest nutrients and yet has the greatest diversity of flora.

Eden has a commissioned a design from  leading Aboriginal artist, Dr Richard Walley, which represents the six seasons during which the Nyoongar people harvest wild food. These will be incorporated in the storytelling area with a traditional Aboriginal-designed path.

For more information about the new Australia garden at The Eden Project go to www.edenproject.com

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