Therefore, it is quite natural for citizens to want to ensure security of their confidential data in light of this fact. One of the measures to undertake in order to ensure your anonymity is by using the best UK VPN services.

Why do you need anonymity in the UK?

Anonymity is the personal choice of everyone surfing the net, and many do not fret over it. Some, for example celebrities, simply cannot afford it due to the specifics of their activities and career. For others, it can be crucial to stay anonymous in order to carry out their social, civil or political activities. In addition, there is a large number of users who simply find it unacceptable that they can be monitored.

Is it possible to be anonymous online?

We hate to break it to you, but complete online anonymity is almost unattainable. Each computer has its own IP address, which can identify the owner and their actions on the net.

However, this does not mean that you should give up. The situation is pretty similar to protecting yourself from thieves. Although there is no lock that could never be opened, it is in our power to make the process so complex and time-consuming that few will try to undertake it. Let’s see what we can do.

1. Get yourself another account

Today, e-mail has become the universal method of identifying the user. Therefore, first of all, get yourself a second (third, and even fourth) e-mail address. This can be just an additional Gmail account, or one of the special email services described in this article. Also, do not forget to register new accounts in social networks and other services you use. Never mix your public and private profiles.

2. Change the connection location

If you want to further complicate the work of potential identity thieves, then do not access the net only at home. A careful and thoughtful search will net you dozens of available cafes, computer clubs, libraries from which you can use the Internet without exposing your real and network addresses.

3. Use VPN

Virtual Private Network allows creating the special encrypted and inaccessible channel between the user and the Internet network. This allows you to hide your real IP address and become anonymous, and also encrypts your traffic. This method is reliable and easy to use, so we recommend you not to ignore it.

Stay safe on the web!