Several theories have since emerged, the latest being that Beyoncé’s younger sibling flew into a rage after the rapper had “got too close” to designer Rachel Roy at the Met Gala.

An insider told the New York Daily News: “Rachel is a little too close to Jay Z. Solange doesn’t like it, and Beyoncé doesn’t like it.”

Jay Z reportedly told his sister-in-law that she was “out of line” for mouthing off at Roy and when he later said he wanted to continue partying at Rihanna’s afterparty, she flipped.

Footage of the attack – three minutes of Solange throwing punches and kicks at Jay Z as Beyoncé stood by – was filmed by the elevator’s camera.

A hotel worker made a recording of it, on what looked like a smartphone, and leaked it to TMZ, pocketing a reported $250,000.

The Standard Hotel has since sacked the person responsible, saying the individual breached “the security policies of the hotel.”

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