Fego Caffe

Putney Exchange Shopping Centre, Putney High Street, SW15 1TW, 020 878 013 92
Tube: East Putney

The scene: An elegant brasserie-style cafe in a high street shopping centre. There’s the tendency to stare joylessly at Waitrose across the way, but focus on the food and the drab surroundings don’t matter.

The grub: The selection of sandwiches, salads, pastas and pizzas are assembled with verve. My ample sweet chilli and sesame seed chicken breast baguette is dressed with a creamy mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce that squelches its way between chunky strips of avocado and tender chicken.

My partner carefully inspects his sizeable penne montanara – pasta with a creamy napolitano sauce served with bacon, mushrooms, chicken and parmesan cheese and dives in with approval.

Bill please: Salads and pastas cost about £10, and paninis and baguettes £7.

Verdict: What this place lacks in location, it more than makes up for in its food.