Female sterilisation will be offered privately for the first time in the UK in a procedure that takes as little as 10 minutes.

Women have been opting to have the operation on the NHS since 2002 but now it will be available at a London clinic without the referral of a GP.

Consultant gynaecologist Martin Farrugia at the The Cadogan Clinic is now offering Essure – the female sterilisation procedure – for a ‘walk in-walk out’ patients as it takes approximately 10 minutes to perform and
no incision or stitches are needed.

Farrugia said: “Essure has been a popular permanent contraception option for women for several years through the NHS but I’m already seeing patients who for personal reasons don’t want to talk to their GP or want to have the procedure at a time and place convenient to them, not when they finally reach the top of an NHS waiting list.

“Permanent contraception can make a huge difference to a woman’s life, enabling her to fully enjoy her relationship with her partner without having concerns about unwanted pregnancy.”