The film follows the unbelievable real life story of the Belon family who were vacationing in Thailand during the Christmas period in 2004 and were subsequently caught up in one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.

Maria Belon (Naomi Watts) and Lucas Belon (Tom Holland) become separated from their family during the initial impact of the tsunami. Maria is severely injured and the first stage of the narrative follows their struggle for help and their journey to be reunited with Henry Belon (Ewan McGregor) and their two other sons.

As you might expect, the story highlights the devastating effects of the flood, so there are countless scenes featuring horrific injuries.

If blood and bones protruding from legs aren’t your thing, this probably isn’t a movie for you. As Maria says, “Just close your eyes and think of something nice.”

At the beginning of the story, there are hints of humour and the premise is set up perfectly. The soundtrack is beautifully executed and accompanies the cinematography spectacularly.

The movie highlights the fragility of life and this true account of one family’s desperate struggle adds new depth to a ferocious natural phenomenon.

The story of the Belon family delivers a deeply personal account of heartache and triumphant hope.

Verdict: Four out of five stars.

Good for: People with a strong stomach for graphic depictions of injuries