Denver’s Civic Central park is expecting 50,000 guests, potentially including “Snoop Lion” himself.

At High Times, judges from all over the globe will come to vote on the best marijuana strains, coffee shops and any other marijuana based products. The “lifetime achievement award” has already chosen and will be awarded to Snoop.  

The event has been sold out weeks in advance and has acts such as Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid performing.

So can ticket holders smoke weed at the event? According to the FAQ’s section of the website, the answer is yes!

“There will be a separate outdoor smoking area for all adults, regardless of residency, ages 21+, in accordance with Colorado’s new law legalizing marijuana”

ID will be checked to ensure only 21+ year olds participate, but somehow it’s hard to believe that the 18 year olds attending will be able to escape the second hand pot-party smoke…

Image: Getty