Last week, Reddit user ‘Humanimalcracker’ posted an interesting image, one to certainly raise an eyebrow.

“My aunt found a WHOLE SNAKE in a loaf of bread,” read the description.

The supposed incident occurred with a loaf from “Mrs Baird’s” a popular Texas bakery.

David Margulies, the Mrs. Baird’s press rep told The Huffington Post that these kinds of claims are virtually never true.

Mrs. Baird’s have also reached out to Humananimalcracker and stated: “the questionable area of the bread in the picture is most likely burned, residual dough that was baked into the loaf. While this is a rare occurrence, it is not uncommon for consumers to mistake the burned dough for a foreign object.”

The company are hoping to analyse the apparent loaf, if the user gets back to them and sends it off to the lab.

Despite the negligence, a snake in the morning toast would have been a real wake-up call before work.

Image: Reddit