When looking for a lunch-time spot, I seek a place with a good buzz, but that’s not so noisy you can’t hear each other speak; somewhere that hasn’t squashed tables in so much that your elbow’s in the person next door’s food; and a spot that serves food that’s unpretentious but still has flair and is, quite simply, bloody tasty.

I don’t think this is too much to ask and yet it has somehow remained elusive to me. Until now.

The recently overhauled Adam and Eve pub just off Oxford Street has achieved all these goals with aplomb. Far from its garishly decor-ed past, the new look is still vibrant and light, but with quirky and cool furnishings, including Michael Caine pop art prints and food cans recycled into lamp bases. We like.

The Grub: The pub offers all the classic pairings that were just made to be together– just like Adam and Eve themselves (well, until the whole snake issue): fish and chips, sausage and mash, chicken and chips, macaroni and cheese and so on. Simple but hearty British fare, and all plate-wipingly good. The fish and chips comes with a crisp but light batter with succulent, flaky cod and chunky chips.The sausage and mash is perfect for warming up your insides at this time of year, with the caramelised onion gravy adding a deliciously sweet twist to the wild boar sausages. We had forgone a starter in order to squeeze in dessert – and starters are tempting, with a mini-portion of Stinking Bishop mac and cheese even on offer (that’s the name of the cheese, it’s not served with a side of smelly clergyman). The salted caramel cheesecake, however, was wholly worth the sacrifice. Delicious.

Behind the bar: A long and comprehensive wine list is accompanied by classic beers, jugs of sangria and a selection of cocktails.

Bill please: Starters from £6; mains from £10; desserts from £5.50.

Verdict: I am very happy to have finally found what I’ve been looking for (isn’t that a song?), and will for sure return to Adam and Eve for many-a lunchtime treat.