Organisers FIFA and their sponsors have been instructed to outline the risks of mosquito-borne dengue fever, after a study showed cases could peak in three of the twelve host cities.

Dengue Fever is present in over 100 countries and kills 20,000 people a year.

Professor Simon Hay, who is an expert in infectious diseases, has said Brazilian authorities must take action to reduce the number of mosquitoes before over half a million people from all the world turn up in the country for the games.

He said: ‘Dengue fever could be a significant problem in some of the tournament locations and preventative measures are needed. FIFA, the Brazilian authorities and the World Cup sponsors must use their influence and experience to communicate the risk.’

Dengue produces flu like symptoms and if serious, causes internal bleeding which can result in death. Although the disease cannot be passed from person to person, a non-infected insect that bites someone with dengue fever becomes and carrier and can pass it on the next person.

Image credit: Getty