Wheelchair users will only be allowed one adult in the wheelchair area, meaning that children will have to sit elsewhere, and accompanied by an able-bodied adult, too.

Beth Davis-Hofbauer has told The Daily Mail of the problems she had when trying to book tickets for the Velodrome for herself, her husband and carer, Ed, her four-year old autistic son Milo and 19-month-old daughter. 

“They wouldn’t even allow me to pay full adult price for the children to sit on my lap,” she said. 

“They said my kids would have to sit somewhere else – which of course they could absolutely not. 

“I felt non-human. I cannot believe that at this event, which could inspire a new generation of athletes has a discriminatory ticket policy.”

There is growing confusion as to the Paralympics ticketing policy, with many upset at the prospect that they may not be allowed to watch the Games with their children and families. 

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has even weighed in on the debate, tweeting: “Come on @sebcoe. Let’s allow families with disabled parents enjoy the Paralympics together.”

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