Serial killers Fred and Rose West’s former home has been turned into a brothel.

The Gloucester house is where the husband and wife carried out more than 12 murders, including Fred’s stepdaughter Charmaine in 1971 and their 16-year-old daughter, Heather.

A mother and her son are suspected of leading a gang that forced trafficked women to become sex slaves at the notorious ‘House of Horrors’.

Undercover police who infiltrated the gang fear dozens of girls from Eastern Europe were forced into prostitution at the whorehouse.

One victim claimed she was raped by her pimp inside the gang's rented HQ at 25 Midland Road.

It is pure coincidence that it is the same property where Charmaine was murdered and buried under the kitchen floor at the age of eight. Her skeleton was not dug up until 23 years later after the Wests were arrested over 11 more murders at their new house of horrors – nearby 25

Cromwell Street.

Last night six people were in custody in Britain and the Czech Republic after a seven-month undercover operation ended in a series of raids by police.

Scotland Yard's vice squad fear more than 40 women, some aged just 18, were trafficked into the UK with the promise of jobs or cash for agreeing to sham marriages.

But once taken to Midland Road they were allegedly forced to become prostitutes, working in London, the Midlands and Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Police believe each girl could make the gang up to £3000 a week, and victims were punished with rape and sexual assault if they defied orders

The gang is said to have raked in another £4000 for each sham marriage.

The police operation was sparked by one brave victim who escaped and reported her rape ordeal.

Police arrested three people in Gloucester and South London, including a 52-year-old suspected of acting as brothel madam in Gloucester. Her son, 28, was one of three men held in the Czech city of Liberec, and further arrests are expected soon.

A source  told The Sun: "Most of the women were vulnerable. The network approached them and promised good jobs or a 'rest' from their troubled lives if they came over. But they were then traded around British brothels, sexually assaulted or raped. It was horrific.

"When the gang picked their HQ, it was pure coincidence that it turned out to be an address associated with so much suffering."

Rose and Fred West were accused of murdering 10 women and young girls over a 20-year period ending in 1987.

They took great joy in luring away vulnerable runaways with offers of rides, lodging or jobs as nannies. Once in their clutches inside the House of Horrors, the young women were stripped, bound with tape, raped, tortured, then killed, some were dismembered and buried.

Police, armed with a search warrant, dug up the remains their daughter Heather, who vanished in 1987.

Further excavations in the garden produced eight more female bodies.

Fred hanged himself in Winston Green prison in Birmingham, on New Years Day in 1995. He was charged with 12 murders and faced two further charges of murdering his ex wife and a babysitter and burying them in fields near his former home. Police believe that Fred probably killed more women.

Rose, who admitted being a prostitute, still maintains her innocence. However, on November 22, 1995, she was convicted of 10 murders. The authorities are investigating the whereabouts of nine other missing women who frequented their home.

Rose West, now 57, is serving life for ten murders.