Lady Gaga's YouTube channel was suspended yesterday following an alleged copyright breach. The account has now been reinstated after a “misunderstanding” with a Japanese TV show was cleared up.

According to Time Out Tokyo, Gaga’s Youtube account was suspended because a 10-minute video from a Japanese TV show called "Smap x Smap" was uploaded without permission.

Although Lady Gaga was performing in the clip, she didn’t own the copyright.

Lady Gaga's Youtube account was suspended
Lady Gaga's Youtube account was suspended yesterday.

To the horror of Little Monsters worldwide, a message on Lady Gaga's official YouTube channel yesterday read: "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's copyright policy."

Gaga reportedly appealed the decision immediately. A spokeswoman for YouTube told Channel 4 News she could not comment on individual videos.

If rumours about why Lady Gaga’s account was suspended are true, it seems a surprising move from Smap x Smap, who might have trouble landing another interview with the Born This Way singer.

On Monday Gaga appeared happy with her performance on the show, tweeting: "My performance+cooking show appearance on SMAP SMAP is airing now in Japan. Kawaii Monsters!"

Lady Gaga's videos have had more than a billion hits on YouTube.

Meanwhile Gaga has come under fire from disability groups for performing in a wheel chair in Sydney Town Hall.

Gaga wheeled herself onto stage dressed as Yuyi the mermaid, sitting in a wheelchair.

Disability groups have slammed the stunt.

Jesse Billauer, a founder of quadriplegic advocacy group Life Rolls On said: “Since this isn’t the first time she has used a wheelchair in her performances, I invite her to learn more about the 5.6 million Americans who live with paralysis.”