There’s a common saying in travel that you either have the time or the money, but it would seem this theory doesn’t apply to everyone.

Bespoke experience provider,, launched the exclusive package deal just over a month ago, but at the time it was largely dismissed as a PR stunt.

Much to everyone’s surprise, including that of the company’s founder, Marcel Knobil, the deal has been finalised and has received another tentative booking from an Italian businessman, in addition to 15 enquiries.

Knobil told The Guardian: “When we launched it, we didn’t know if it would sell. Not all of our products do.”

The Chinese student who is apparently studying for a PHD is yet to be named, but it has been announced that he will be unable to begin the tour until he has completed his academic commitments next year.

Knobil has said it is more likely that the Italian businessman, who is on the verge of booking, will be the first to actually begin the journey.

The trip includes visits to 962 World Heritage Sites in more than 150 countries, business-class flights, and luxury accommodation. The number of sites on the itinerary means that holidaymakers will need to visit more than one site every single day for the two year trip duration.

Despite the cost of the holiday, which certainly exceeds most students’ disposable income, Knobil said the trip is good value for money: “Considering how much some people are willing to pay for a one- or two-week holiday, the package actually represents pretty good value for money.

“The biggest concern has been the amount of free time required, and some people have enquired about visiting one continent at a time instead.”

Philanthropists will be pleased to hear that the money hasn’t been completely squandered, as the tour price of £990,000 includes a token donation to Unesco.

It is not known whether the Chinese participant will be travelling alone, although the deal does allow him to bring a partner or companion.