A team of asbestos removal experts from Kuston Vorland were restoring an abandoned 19th-century house in Roath when they discovered a recently-shed skin from the creepy crawly in question.

Experts believe that the creature (which they think is a Chilean Rose Tarantula) could have doubled in size to seven inches (eeek).

It’s exposure to asbestos may make the spider more dangerous to the public.

Cardiff Reptile Centre, who believe the spider to still be at large, are currently testing the tarantula’s skin for traces of carcinogen.

If it is found that the skin has traces of mesothelioma – caused by asbestos exposure – it is thought it would be a world-first.

The discovery was made by surveyor Katie Persons-Young, who has the bad fortune of having arachnophobia.

She lifted the floorboards in the property and found what she originally thought was a dead spider. 

“We had lighting in there, so we moved the lighting to the other area of the attic where I was and could see there was something,” she told Wales Online. “I was the first in. I sort of saw a leg, screamed and went.”

“We don’t know if the spiders have been living there by themselves or it was a pet that’s made its home there,” she said, adding, “I will certainly not be going back in there. I was absolutely petrified and couldn’t stop shaking for two hours.”

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