What’s Knock2Bag about?

It’s been running for years and has one of the best crowds in London.

I always have a blast there, and tonight has a top line-up including Cardinal Burns and Doctor Brown.

How did your first performance go?

It was on a school trip in Spain at an inter-school cabaret night. My school had no one representing it so I did a comedy turn and a friend sang Putting On The Ritz. He got more laughs than me.

Who inspired you to pick up a mic?

My brother got me in to stand-up.

He showed me a Lee Evans video on the same night he gave me my first pint of beer. I never looked back.

And, Spike Milligan, – I rewatch his stuff when I want to remind myself why I do this. It’s a bit like rereading the bible.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen of late?

An argument in the pub about the Illuminati, the royal family and MPs all being lizards undercover.

It was certainly something different from the usual football debate!

Knock2Bag  Rich Mix, E1 6LA. Dec 1. £8
Tube | Bethnal Green