You always knew the bitter-sweet day would come. You imagined pubs overflowing for leaving drinks, goodbye parties in the streets, crowds sobbing at the airport. What you didn’t factor in was the admin.

To return home there are a lot of loose ends to tie up. But with this handy checklist you can spend less time panicking on the phone to the bank and more time sniffling into a tissue as a flag-waving mob cries their goodbyes…

Find a job

You battled hard for a job here – and of course devoured all of TNT’s handy guides. But now you’ve got to make some dosh back home and you’re feeling a bit out of the loop (does your mum even recognise you?). is a useful resource for finding recruitment agencies in Australia for the recently returned and it’s a good idea to sign up early so you’re fully prepared when the job hunt begins.

Shut down your bank account

Granted, there are better ways to spend your time (especially if you’ve got a farewell fanfair trailing you), but this is vital. If you leave behind forgotten or empty accounts, you risk paperwork or even surprise fees. It’s pretty simple – just walk into your branch and tell them you want to shut down your account. Remember, if you have an overdraft you have to pay it off first. Cancel your phone contract It’s time to trade your UK mobile for old-fashioned skype. Contracts can be tricky, charging hefty cancellation fees, so speak with your provider first. Some companies let you transfer the contract to a different name so you could pass it to a mate. You have to cancel in person at a shop, or by phone and some providers require 30 days notice.

Pay your bills

This is pretty much a no brainer but we thought we’d include it anyway, just in case you are a no brainer. Make sure all your bills – rent, water, electricity, parking et al – are paid, otherwise they will come back to haunt you. And with a hefty penatly fee.

Transfer your money

You’ve obviously got piles of extra cash lying around after a year of living in London (ahem), so you better get it home sharpish. Our very own service offers money transfers to your bank account at home. The service is cheap, easy and secure, with good exchange rates and can be accessed online with ease.

Pay your taxes

Most people have their taxes sorted by work, but if you’re self-employed or a freelancer, you’ve got to do it yourself. Figuring out how much you owe and what forms to fill out can be complicated. Thankfully services such asTax Assist can talk you through it with a free consultation.