Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has written an open letter to his mother-in-law revealing the shocking extent of the feud within the family.

The letter published in The Evening Standard, was directed at Greta Hutcheson, the wife of his father in law Chris Hutcheson, who was recently fired by Ramsay as CEO of his firm Gordon Ramsay Holdings.

Ramsay’s letter, a response to a letter Greta sent to her daughter, and Ramsay’s wife, Tana asking her to “stay away from the family” after her father’s sacking accused 62 year old Hutcheson of having been controlling and manipulative.

The open letter by Ramsay begins “This has to be one of the most painful letters I’ve ever had to write.”

The volatile chef, 44, goes on to admonish his mother in law for “punishing” Tana before attempting to  justify his reasons for firing her husband Chris after 12 years as his business partner describing it as “one of the hardest” decisions of his life.”

– Alison Grinter