Eight-year-old Theo Chadfield was helping his grandfather on his farm in New Zealand over the weekend, and when he got a bit warm, he decided to go for a quick swim in a nearby stream.

However, as soon as he stepped into the water he felt a bite his foot. His grandfather pulled Theo from the brook, and saw a large eel dangling from his toes.

Luckily the eel didn’t manage to come away with any digits, but the young boy was left with some cuts.

After being bandaged up, Theo and his grandfather went back to see if they could find the eel, and found two lurking near the spot where Theo was attacked.

They managed to catch the two eels with a rope and some hooks, and smoked them for lunch the next day in a revenge move that saw the beasts get their comeuppance.

TNT is fairly confident that Theo’s foot must be a bit sore, but eel get over it.

Image credit: Thinkstock