A source told The Daily Star newspaper: “Harry has always been able to knit, he finds it relaxing. But he’s never put as many hours in as he is doing at the moment. He says it’s the only way he can unwind after hours of listening to fans screaming for 1D.”

“The other lads tease him for it, but he doesn’t care. Harry joked he’ll be knitting them all Christmas presents.”

Meanwhile, while Harry has been lost in his new hobby, Louis, 22, and Zayn, 21, have appeared in a leaked video sharing a ‘joint’. The pop stars are seen joking about marijuana while reportedly smoking a suspicious looking self-rolled cigarette in the back of their tour van while being driven to Peru’s Estadio Nacional in Lima on April 27.

In the video, obtained by MailOnline.com, Louis says: “So, here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!” The pair continue to swear and joke about the police catching them as an officer rides past on a motorcycle. Louis adds: “One nil b***h! Look at this b***h! He’s having a look. He’s thinking, ‘I’m sure I can smell an illegal substance in there’. And he’s hit the nail on the head.”

One Direction are yet to comment on the video but sources say it could have been stolen from one of the band member’s mobile phones and lawyers have been informed.

Image credit: Getty