Perverts, start your staring!

Imagine you’re standing on an escalator and look up, expecting to see the pale thighs of some young lady and instead are confronted with an advert for Burger King. That’s enough to put you off your perving, at least long enough for you to satisfy some other burning desires, like your need for a hamburger.

The women hired are encouraged to wear short skirts and high socks in order to attract more attention. You must be over 18 to take part and walk around Tokyo for eight hours each day as part of the advertising campaign.

The adverts, which are painted onto the ladies thighs, have so far been for the DVD release of ‘Ted’ and promotions for Green Day.

As clever as it is, it could also have the unintended effect of stopping men from staring at girl’s thighs.

No one really stares at someone’s legs hoping to see something that they already see on billboards and everywhere else.

People also look at sunsets, how soon before your next sunset on Fraser Island is brought to you by Samsung?