Actually that’s a lie. It was bloody tricky. Starting in a pub outside Euston Station, we said the secret code to the barman and our mission began.

Led to a table, we found walkie talkies and trilbies for each team member. I was a bit worried about looking like a prat roaming around London on a ‘top secret mission’, but as soon as I put my trilby on I didn’t care what people thought; I was suddenly a top agent, here to rescue London from a madman who wanted to blow up the city. Anyone who got in my way would get one serious karate chop.

We read the first clues, leading us to find various boxes of evidence around the pub, but all with locks needing keys or codes. To help us, Agent November met us at the pub and explained our mission. He then led us to the area outside where we had to solve the puzzles, riddles and clues to disarm the nuclear device. This was another thing that prevented me from feeling like a prat – it was contained within a small city park, and everyone’s used to seeing people run around a park being a bit weird.

Tearing around solving clues, high fiving, laughing, screaming; we all felt like big kids again. And when we deactivated the bomb with just 41 seconds left on the clock, I felt like James Bond was my bitch. Especially because the challenge only has a 60% success rate. Yeah, we nailed it.

I can genuinely say this is one of the most fun things I have ever done in London. It may not be first date material, but this is the perfect date to meet some of his or her friends for the first time (team sizes are from three to six).

Although don’t go having a tantrum if you don’t manage it. After all only 60% of teams de-activate the bomb. Did I already mention that? And that we nailed it? Just checking… good luck!

£78 per team or £84 on weekends.