A Japanese business woman in her mid-20s has reportedly taken pulling a ‘sickie’ to rather extreme lengths, after tying her hands and feet together so as to avoid having to go into work. 

The woman was found in her apartment in the Japanese capital of Tokyo on Monday last week. According to Tokyo based paper Sankei Shimbun her hands and feet were tightly bound together with some rope and a belt. 

The owner of the unnamed woman’s apartment found her apparently unconscious but otherwise unhurt and feared the young woman had been the victim of a particularly savage robbery. The woman’s landlord was so concerned that he reportedly phoned both the police and ambulance services. 

The constabulary weren’t as convinced as the landlord though, as a quick search of the tenant’s apartment failed to turn up any evidence of forced entry. During questioning the woman broke down and, according to bigpond.com.au confessed that the whole thing had been staged as an elaborate attempt to get a day off work.

“I did not want to go to work, so I did it as an excuse for absence without due notice,” the woman reportedly said to officers. 

I feel you there, lady. 

Police apparently gave the woman a serious talking to, but decided against pressing any formal charges. 

She went to all the effort of tying herself up and yet forgot to forcibly open a window? What is this, amateur hour? 

Image: Thinkstock