iPhone users get more sex than their Blackberry or Android counterparts, according to dating site OKCupid which used data hidden in profile pictures on the site.

Apparently, poor old Android users are notching up the fewest sexual conquests, followed by Blackberry users. Those with an iPhone come out a triumphant, swaggering top of the shagging league.

OkCupid analysed the profile pictures of its members to find out what camera had taken them. As most of the site’s users have also taken personality tests like “The Slut Test” the dating site was able to cross reference the data to find out who’s (apparently) getting the most sex.

And the results? By the age of 30, men with an iPhone have had sex with 10 different partners, men with Blackberries around 8.1 partners and fellas with Android-powered smartphone’s only 6.

Women seem to be getting more sex in general. A 30-year-old female iPhone user will have had sex with 12.3 partners, women with a BlackBerry average 8.8 partners while females using Android have had 6.1 partners.

On the results of the phone sex survey, OkCupid’s Christian Rudder blogged: “Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting f#*ed by Apple.”