Is this the world's best dog?
Petey the volleyball dog is one talented son of a bitch – skillfully managing to keep the ball in the air time after time after time.
 He and his owner eventually reach 32 hits.
He would have gone down a treat at last week's Olympic Beach Volleyball test event – although he may have met his match with all the other superb talent on show.
There are haters out here though – jealous people who accuse Petey's owners of infliciting pain on him by making him use his nose to hit the ball.
However, his owner replied: "Petey is actually hitting the ball with his mouth and not with his nose. The volleyball is softer on his mouth than most frisbees. He just loves doing it and has never shown any signs of pain. :)"
Petey's racked up more than 130,000 hits on YouTube – hardlymassiv enumber in 2011 – but still alot for a dog.
One poster commented : "The dog is more awesome than the owner!", but many others were more concerned about the backdrop for the video. Is it the owner's house? Pretty damn sweet, whoever owns it.