And to make you feel even worse, the Daily Mail has found an extra special father’s day card.

It was posted to Facebook by Stuart Watt from Brisbane and is, erm, SWEET, literally, after his daughter wrote 11 chocolate bars into it.

She wrote: ‘Dad, Your skin may be Flake-ing and your bones may be breaking but don’t worry. I’ve got a few Twix up my sleeve to have you looking like the Marvellous Creation you once were. I’ve even got a trick to have you Twirl-ing and rapping like M&M in the car on the way to football. If I travelled the Milky Way or even to Mars I would never be able to find a better Dad. You make me feel all Bubbly inside. With you life’s a Picnic. Have a Fudge-ing good father’s day. I hope you had a few Snickers reading this card…Have fun eating it. Love your favourite daughter, Charlie.’

The concept isn’t new as this tweet show, but it’s still cute.

You can see the card here. We hope Daddy didnt eat them all at once.

Image via Getty