British clothing label Jack Wills has had pictures from its latest catalogue banned due to the ‘overtly sexual’ nature of some of the images.

In two of the the three main ‘offending’ shots, near-naked young women pose topless – one in the passionate embrace of a man.

A third shows a young woman in a bra laughing and enjoying herself as her companion appears to be helping undress her at the beach.

The Advertising Standards Authority received 19 complaints after the 2011 Spring Term Handbook was released recently.

It ruled the images were ‘offensive’ and unsuitable for a catalogue that would possibly be seen by young teenagers.

In its defence, Jack Wills said it drew inspiration from the ‘hedonistic university lifestyle’ that it believed many of its customers were part of.

The marketing aimed ‘to project a positive, fun and sometimes flirtatious’ image it believed was an accurate reflection of student life. It was adamant only over 18s were sent the catalogue.

However, the ASA said the images were likely to be seen by younger teenagers and could possible appeal to them, ‘because they portrayed a lifestyle to which they might aspire’.

It said the partial nudity ‘went beyond what could be described as fun or flirtatious’, and ‘was sufficiently provocative as to present a risk to younger teenagers’.