Police trying to solve the murder of Bristol woman Joanna Yeates have revealed they may be hunting two killers, rather than just one.

Media have latched onto a comment by Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones who said: “We are determined to solve this crime and bring Jo’s killers to justice.”

Jones said that the use of the plural emphasised that he was not making any assumptions about any part of the case.

He sais he was aso keeping an open mind on the motivation for the murder.

“At this stage, there is no evidence to suggest that Jo was sexually assaulted. However, I’ve not ruled out that there might have been a sexual motivation.”

And police are now urging the public to come forward with any information of a light coloured 4X4 off-roader, seen on December 17 – the night Yeates disappeared – being driven slowly along the road where her body was eventually found dumped.

Detectives say they want to trace the vehicle after it was spotted three miles from Yeates’ home in Clifton, Bristol.

It is the latest in what appears to be a very slim line of enquiry for the 70-strong murder squad working the case.

Police are still unsure of what happened to a pizza Yeates is known to have bought from a Tesco Express store on the night she was killed.

The continues to sift through almost 300 tons of rubbish, seized from homes in the vicinity of her flat, in order to gain evidence and clues.