Hours: Equivalent of one day per week

Job description:

Please note you will NOT be writing stories, but ensuring the online stories, features and listings are positioned in a way that optimises the site, enables user friendliness, and encourages visitors to stay on the site and click onto other stories.

You should have extensive CMS experience, an understanding of website analytics and SEO.

This is primarily a technical role, but applicants should have a background in the media industry and have a firm understanding of consumer editorial.

Your duties would include:

Maintaining both websites, ensuring the home page, in particular, is kept fresh and up to date.

Highlighting stories that are particularly ‘TNT’ and/or doing well according to Facebook and Google analytics, and/or that TNT wishes to push and promote.

Adjusting category allocation to ensure a balanced home page

Uploading stories and filing them in the appropriate and optimum spot, scheduling activation where appropriate.

Checking stories are being filed in the correct places so that they can be easily found by visitors.

Checking stories are SEO friendly.

De-activating any out-of-date stories.

Please email your CV to caroline.garnar@tntmagazine.com

Start date: Early January