Big Brother 2010 winner, Josie Gibson, left the Ultimate Big Brother house for Aussie John James.

Josie had begun life in the Ultimate Big Brother house just hours after winning Big Brother 2010 and scooping the £100,000 prize on Tuesday.

However, Josie found the ‘celebrity’ company in the house stifling and began to feel paranoid about her relationship with John James, who she met on Big Brother 2010.

Some of the contestants on Ultimate Big Brother has suggested to Josie that John James was a player and a fake.

Speaking on Big Brother’s Little Brother after she quit, Josie said she’d been feeling ‘claustrophobic’.

“I was laying in bed last night and I was looking at the walls and they were coming closer and closer to my face and at one point the wall was touching my nose… so at that point I realised that I was going a bit potty and I had to go,” said Josie.

In a romantic twist, as Josie was escaping from the Ultimate Big Brother house, she bumped into John James, who had been recording a message to be played to her in the house. The pair were filmed in a passionate embrace.

Josie told BBLB hosts George Lamb and Emma Willis: “My head’s been everywhere but yeah, I’ve seen him and he said that he loved me and all that.”