Justin Bieber’s girlfriend has released a song to silence her boyfriend’s fans who are jealous about their relationship.

The song, entitled New Song Against Haters is in response to explicit death threats against Bieber’s girlfriend via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

At first, Gomez, an 18-year-old Disney actress chose to ignore the vicisous online attacks concerning her new relationship with pop prince, Bieber, but the violent outbursts continued to intensify and the fans turned ugly.

“I’ll kill you I swear on GOD!!!!(sic),” wrote one resentful fan.

“If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you I HATE YOU :@ !!!(sic),” wrote another.

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It would appear the very loyal – albeit jealous –Bieber fans can not stand to see their superstar with another woman.

Gomez, who had had an earful of hate is fighting back with lyrics like “You made me insecure/ Told me I wasn’t good enough/ But who are you to judge/ When you’re a diamond in the rough” from her new song, Who Says or as it has been come to be known New Song Against Haters.

Gomez said of her new hit, “Basically, it’s to the haters, it’s to the people who try to bring you down.”

Gomez has admitted that the online hate campaigns against her by Bieber fans has really hurt her feelings.

Who Says, released on American radio yesterday, was written with her personal experiences in mind.

“I feel like my fans need this song, especially with Twitter and Facebook, it’s really negative for me,” Gomez said.

“Within that world is such easy access to people’s feelings

“You can get a thousand wonderful comments but just one will throw you off and that’s how it is with me.”

Bieber and Gomez confirmed their relationship when they stepped out together at the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party last month, breaking millions of girls’ hearts worldwide.

But despite his jealous Belieberites, Bieber, 17, isn’t afraid to voice his affections for his girl.

“She is a really great person,” he said.

“And I think she has the best smile in the world.”

Altogether now … awwww