Millionaire and former topless model Katie Price is launching a magazine tomorrow – all about herself.

Plenty of celebrities have launched successful magazines, such as Oprah Winfrey’s O – a self help magazine that was said to be the most successful magazine launch ever – but this will be the first publication a celebrity has launched that is dedicated to themselves.

She’s already penned 40 books, launched her own perfumes and been in a string of reality shows.

But whether or not you agree with her shameless self promotion, she is one of the most successful women of her generation, with a reported £42 million in the bank.

The new magazine, entitled Katie, will be devoted to her life and thoughts. At £3.99 an issue it will make the star around £370,000 per year.

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Katie Price to launch magazine called "Katie"

Price said: "Do you know how many books I’ve got out? I’ve got 40. I’ve got the pony stories, I’ve got the mermaids. From young ages to, well, women. I can’t sit here and name them all, because I don’t know all their names.

"I'm very ambitious. And success is the best revenge. [On] everyone who said, 'You can’t do this, you won’t do this. Ha ha you’ll be finished.'

"It’s not about money at all. I just love it. I’ll carry on till people get bored. It can only end when people don’t want it."

She also compared the celebrity world to a "game".

"All these celeb mags, all this b——- world that we’re in, it’s a f—— game. It's like Monopoly. I've been in jail so many times, played my Get Out of Jail Free card, got back on the board again."