Katy Perry’s Sesame Street appearance has been pulled after viewers complained that her dress is too sexy.

The clip was supposed to be aired on New Year’s Eve and features Perry, dressed in a in a low-cut green dress, singing a duet of her song Hot N Cold with Sesame Street’s Elmo.

However, some parents have objected to the amount of Katy Perry’s cleavage on show and are worried it’ll corrupt their brats.

The clip has already been put up on YouTube and has received nearly 1 million hits.

Watch Katy Perry’s Sesame Street duet here.


One parent quoted by TMZ said: “You can practically see her t**s. That’s wonderful children’s programming”.

Another wrote: “Thank you for speeding up the puberty process.”

Not everyone is taking Perry’s boobs’ appearance on Sesame Street so seriously though. One viewer wrote:

“I can see why people are upset: Elmo is naked. Completely naked. Unbelievable.”

Another was critical of the complaints: “This is racy? Sad to see America swan diving into the Right Wing Evangelical cesspool.”

While another was more blatant about their sudden interest in Sesame Street, writing:

“Thumbs up on this if you watched her boobs when she was running.”

We’d like to remind the haters that a bit of boob on Sesame Street is nothing when you compare it to the innuendo-laden ‘kids’ programmes that ran in the 70s. Watch and marvel.

Rainbow circa 1979