A mysterious masked figure has been fighting villains on the streets of Birmingham – just like the hero of Hollywood blockbuster Kick-Ass.

The anonymous vigilante, known as The Statesman, is part of a network of four UK crime-fighters who have teamed up to fight crime.

In movie Kick-Ass, a student decides to fight crime by becoming a superhero.

A banker by day, the masked man, who wears a utility belt and Union Jack top, used to be a TA soldier. He also has 14 years of boxing experience which he uses to combat injustice.

Statesman breaks up fights, stops burglars and feeds homeless people.

The team of crime-fighters have helped Police Community Support Offices (PCSOs) to snare a drug dealer.

He told The Sun: “We were patrolling London together at 3am one night and heard a commotion.

“We saw a huge guy running across Trafalgar Square away from two PCSOs.

“They were shouting at him but he wasn’t going to stop so we threw off our overcoats and chased him. We caught up with him and pinned him down until the officers arrived.

“They told us he had jumped bail and they had seen him throwing away packets of drugs as he ran from them.

“That was the first time what I do really felt justified. The police wagon turned up and took him away and it felt good. The PCSO’s thought it was great. They loved it.”

The banker’s girlfriend does not know of his double life as he tells her he is playing poker with friends when he goes out to fight crime. 

He said: “It’s very hard. With my girlfriend, it helps that I have a lot of hobbies.

“I say I’m playing late-night poker matches with friends or watching pay-per-view sports.”

The Stateman’s first incident happened in April 2010 when he spotted two men trying to break into a builder’s merchants.

He said: “It’s why I always carry a torch with me.

“People doing bad things don’t want to be seen and if you shine a good torch right at them and shout in a strong voice, it’s enough to stop them.

“As soon as I did it these two men simply ran away.”

Explaining the reason for his name, he said: “A Statesman is an ambassador, a diplomat and somebody who delivers a message.

“Something that’s meaningful and positive, and that’s something I feel that represents what I do.

“I want to do something that’s positive for the country.

“I hope some people will look at me and want to do it themselves. If it’s just one person then it’s a success.

“As long as I’m achieving anything I will keep doing this.”